One comment on “Music + 73

  1. Yep, this sort of genre suits her more than others because of her exaggerated vibrato style – at least to me.

    I always write the same thing, but she could’ve done it without slipping a fasletto there (28:05 & 28:56) even if the producer wanted it to be sung that way. She always sounds like either off-pitch and/or cracking when she sings in & out of falsetto. Besides Rock songs don’t need falsetto!

    I wanted her to sing even more full-chest voice, more vibrato …but she sounded at her limit throughout here (not just her, but the other two. You can hear they cough a lot due to all the strain of shouting), so it’s unrealistic to expect much else. It probably was an average day, vocal condition-wise, for her to really belt it out.

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