One comment on “Hello Station #142

  1. So… I am still in Tokyo and my trip has nothing to do with H!P or idols, but I did see Shibuya tower records and ikebukuro sunshine city & their stage areas by chance. I had no ideas on these places until I happened to walk by and realized I felt like I had seen the place somewhere before.

    However I did see Hasegawa Moemi (Bitter & Sweet) randomly in a subway station yesterday late afternoon while waiting for the same subway. Made me do a double take (or maybe quadruple take) as I felt like I had seen this girl before. Of course as I didn’t ask her, it’s not 100%. But I had no reason to talk. Also can’t speak the language.

    She had the exact blue denim outfit (jean jacket and jean skirt) that I have seen her wears a lot, the same red-brown haircut and same face. …so it was either her or her fan who looks exactly the same and wearing a cosplay 🙂

    Anyway I suppose if you stay long enough, this kind of random things do happen. And these girls are more or less normal girls and they all take public transportations like the general public.

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