3 comments on “The yakai (05/05) + Quiz yasashii ne (05/03)

  1. Hello. Do you have or know any link of Okai’s performance of 100 kai no kiss from 2015 birthday bus tour event? Surprised to find that there was virtually nothing of that event available anywhere since DVD of it came out last August…

    • I think no1 uploaded her last event DVD yet. I usually try to buy it from Yahoo auction but i can´t find a good price…not yet. I guess we will see it one day xD but i haven´t found nothing

  2. Also I just watched her 2014 birthday event on dailymotion and why did they include the one she messed up big time when she sang Dearest twice? Maybe even with the mistake it was the better version… Initially I thought Suzuki sang it better in her 2014 birthday event, but after checking out the official footage of both, now I think Chissa sang better.
    The key for the song was too high for Airi and she struggled a lot on higher notes. Chissa, on the other hand, was somewhat close to Matsuura’s performance in 2013 countdown event. 🙂

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