Okai Chisato´s voice

Chisato´s voice is amazing…end xD. She became main singer in a single with Kiss me aishiteru (laaate xD but better late than never), that doesnt mean she wasn´t a good singer, i even think she is the best raw singer

I´m so happy because she really got the chance to shine….maybe the only girl who made the big jump (becoming main singer if you´re not xD). Here you have a list with some of her solos.

She is one of the best H!P singers now

Chisato´s solo list:

Ekimae dai happening
Suna wo kamu you ni namida (2012 version)
Koi no hana
Bishoujo shinri
-Wasuretakunai Natsu
Robo kiss
Zutto suki de ii desu ka
Big dreams
Everyday zekkochou!!!
As one
Sweeets Live
Only you  (Hina fes DVD Version)
Bokura no kagayaki
Hajimete kuchiboru wo kasaneta yoru
Koi no jubaku
Amai wana
-Massara blue jeans
-Shoshitsuten Vanishing point
My revolution
Darling, I love you
Uchuu de la ta ta
Aa Koi!!
-Watashi ga obasan ni natte mo (Fanrecording)
-Tokaikko junjou (Okai Chan Neru)
LOVE Namida Iro (hello Cover)
Manatsu no kousen (Hello Cover)
Furusato (Hello Cover)
Egao ni namida~thank you dear my friends~ (Hello Cover)
Akai Nikkichou
Romantic Ukare Mode (Berikyuu concert version)
Romantic Ukare Mode (Hello Cover)
-Dance de Bakoon
Suki sugite baka mitai
Best Friend (kiroro)
Namida no Iro 
Country Road
-Giniro no eien
Resonant Blue
Gakuen Tengoku 
-Saikoukyuu no enjoy girls
Suki ni nacchai ikenai Hito
Shanimuni Paradise
Some Boys! Touch
-Yokohama Shinkirou
Tokai no Neon ga odoroku kurai no utsukushisa ga hoshii
Kimi wa jitensha Watashi wa densha de kitaku
Akai Freesia
-1000 no kotoba (fanrecording)
Hatsukoi cyder
-Seventeen VOW (2nd Alo Hello)
Karasu no nyoubou (as Chisako, she sang some parody songs as Chisako)
-Image Down (Fan recording)
– Homerare nobiko no theme song (USB´s version)
Kanashiki heaven (Chisato´s part Solo)
-Jikan Ryokou (fanrecording)
-Saigo no ame (fanrecording)
Dokki doki love mail (fanrecording)
DARS de bakoon! (DARS´s promotion)
-Sayonara Tomodachi niwa naritakunai no (fanrecording)
Kokoro no sakebi wo uta ni shite mita (Promotion at Nagoya)
Burikatsu kun ondo (With Mellow quad) External link
Kanojo ni naritai
-Campus Life  (fanrecording)
-Momoiro Sparkling (fanrecording)
Tokyo kirigirisu (As Chisako, she sang some parody songs too in the event)
-Ashita mo (fanrecording)
-Yasashisa afureru you ni (fanrecording)
-Ai (fanrecording)
-kaccho ii uta
-Onegai Miwaku no target
Akai sweet pea (Dam, need a proxy, another user link)
-My revolution Fuji TV (another user LINK)
Tsubasa no oreta angel (FUJI TV rehearsal, she couldn´t sing this song later)
-Edo no temari uta II (Shinsei ver, shuffle solo corner)
-Kagayake Houkago (Shuffle solo corner)
-Ame (Shuffle solo corner) (fanrecording)
-Yuke Genki Kun (Shuffle solo corner)
-Suppin to namida
– Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi
-Yuujyou kokoro no Busu ni wa naranee
– 1/3no Jyunjyou
– 100 Kai no Kiss
– Oosaka Lover
-Kiss me Aishiteru

I´ll try to update this as soon as i listen a new Chissa´s solo, say me if you miss a song…some of the songs has been performed more than once of course

Namida No Iro (accoustic)

Chissa shows us her singing´s  main feature, the most beautiful singing voice


29 comments on “Okai Chisato´s voice

  1. Have you see this??

    Did Chisa crying in the beginning of Bokura N Kagayaki? I wonder why she cry.

  2. No wonder the crowd bring up green glow-stick. She totally deserve that surprise.

    From what DVD that concert?

  3. puedes subir el de contry road y resonant blue es que quiero escuchar su version!!!

      • aaaaaaaaaaaaa gracias amoo esas 2 canciones (más contry road que me decuerda a susurros del corazon) y mas cantadas por chissa

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  5. Hermosa y talentosa. Siempre sonriente y con mucho carisma. Ella si canta de vdd no como muchos aki en México

  6. So Chisato covered about 7 Matsuura songs according to the list, eh?

    For some reasons I thought she covered even more songs like 100kai no kiss, but maybe not~. She and Eri Kamei probably covered Matsuura songs the most in H!P history… maybe Risako Sugaya is up there as well. Airi doesn’t seem to be much fan of Matsuura songs (I think she covered maybe one song, Ne-e, during her entire H!P career) and more of Goto/Takahashi camp instead, so that’s a shame.

    I hope Chisato covers one of the following songs:
    1. Egao
    …but I don’t think Egao will happen since it’s out of Chisato’s vocal range. It’s too high for her -unless she just uses falsetto. I don’t think even Matsuura herself can do it now, either, ha ha! Her last performance of this song back in 2010 was a somewhat fail as she could no longer reach the high notes in the bridge and had to change to falsetto and overall struggled. She stopped performing it after that. It’s the one song Matsuura often had trouble singing cleanly. BTW, I don’t think Airi can sing this, either. Too high for H!P singers. Those sustained D notes are killers (with a few Eb notes in the bridge) and there is a reason no one has covered this song.

    2. Double Rainbow
    Not as high as Egao, but in some way, this may just as difficult, if not more, to sing well. Matsuura can sing this song cleanly and did so as recent as last year, but you can see/hear the effort she takes to sing it. Probably is going to too difficult for the current Chisato to sing it well, so not gonna happen…

    3. Omoi Afurete
    Surely Chisato can do a much better job than Maimi did in 2009! Also very difficult song to sing, maybe a tad easier than Double Rainbow. But unlike the first two songs, someone else covered.

    4. Hyacinth
    I think Chisato can do Hyacinth. Definitely.

    5. Watashi no Sugoi Houhou
    This song could’ve been perfect 2-3 years ago, but Chisato is getting a bit too old for the song due to the lyrics.

    So probably Hyacinth has the best chance and after that, Omoi Afurete.

    • I’ve always wanted a Chisato’s egao version xD. I know it´s a difficult song but it´s Chisato…i never thought she would sing Dearest or 1000 words (not Ayaya´s song) and she could.

      But even if she couldn´t sing it perfect i think it would be a great version. Ayaya was too great but some H!Pmembers can make decent covers of her songs i think ^^

      • Well, Chisato is a good enough singer after all. I still think the notes for Egao may be a bit too high, though. It’s not about her singing skills, but her natural vocal range. It’d be like asking an alto singer to sing soprano notes. She did hit “Cb” a few times in her “Kanojo ni naritai” cover at HinaFES last month; although those weren’t sustained notes and thus easier, maybe she could surprise me, who knows? If not, She can sing Egao with falsetto and I will listen~. 😛

        BTW, I was surprised to learn that Airi sang “Dearest” for her 20th birthday event. I did see unusually many fans requested that song in her blog’s comment section, but her to pick it! 2nd Matsuura cover by Airi! It will be interesting to hear that version and compare to Chisato’s cover in 2011. Of course Airi sang a Goto song as well. She might have covered Goto songs the most in H!P, even more than Reina Tanaka/Ai Takahashi, the known Goto fans. Probably due to Takahashi’s influence on Airi.

      • there is a fact with Chisato….If is not imposible, Chisato can do it xD joke. But i´m sure her version would be great. maybe she won´t sing that song never xD

        I´m sure we will compare both versions of dearest (3, Chisato sang it twice xD) xD they are rivals after all.

      • My bad, it’s nothing important, but I meant “Db”, not “Cb” for “Kanojo ni naritai”. Cb = B… Too bad one can’t edit a post once it’s posted haha.

  7. OK… I listened to Airi’s “Dearest” cover (fan audio). By far, it’s the best cover I’ve heard. Better than Chisato’s…(sorry~).

    It wasn’t perfect, but you can’t be perfect singing “Dearest” unless you’re Matsuura! haha.
    She was a bit shouty (it’s a ballad, not a rock song, Airi~) and had imperfect finish on some sustained notes, but she was really good at switching in/out of fasetto. I always thought Airi had much better technique/control with her falsetto than Chisato and most of Matsuura ballad songs are full of notes that require switching in/out of fasetto.

    It was almost as good as Matsuura’s “Dearest” at H!P 2013 Countdown (fan audio). Only because Matsuura wasn’t her usual self on that day. Her vocal struggled on high notes as it sounded strained and had one noticeable voice break. I’d never heard Matsuura’s voice break while singing “Dearest” before, so that was a bit of shock. It was the worst “Dearest” performance I’d heard. Must be because she was singing at 11pm at night. So Airi’s cover = Matsuura’s worst “Dearest” performance. Too harsh? 😛 ha ha.

    I’ve heard several “Dearest” covers so far.
    Takahashi and Risako (2013 ver.) sang on a lower key (i.e. one whole step lower) while Airi, Saki Shimizu, Sakura Oda, Linlin and Chisato sang on the original key.

    Takahashi’s cover was pretty good and probably the most clean version (until I heard Airi’s), but I can’t choose it as the best cover since she sang it on a lower key. Takahashi’s natural vocal range is lower than Matsuura’s, so it was a good choice to sing lower, though; she would’ve struggled on the original key. I can’t fault her natural range being lower than Matsuura’s. That’s what she was born with 😛

    Risako sang on a lower key, but her vocal was still too shaky. What’s with that? Risako has very unique powerful low-mid vocal tone that rivals Chisato’s, but I can’t listen to Risako 99% of times as her vocal on high notes are always too unstable. It’s a shame. It’s been holding her back from becoming a good singer for the past 12-13 years.

    So my Dearest cover ranking goes (mostly on the merit of the performance and not necessarily personal preference):

    1. Airi (impressive)
    2. Chisato (very good on low-mid notes; needs to work on falsetto transition as almost all of her mistakes come when she switches in/out of fasetto)
    3. Ai Takahashi (very good and clean; lower key = rank 3rd)
    4. Captain (good performance considering she’s not a good singer)
    5. Sakura Oda (very good on low-mid notes; unstable and strained on high notes; she is the future best H!P singer after Airi graduates)
    6. Linlin (good considering she’s singing a foreign language; pitch problems)
    7. Risako Sugaya (too unstable vocal)

    What’s yours?

    • I put Airi ‘ s dearest version between Chisato´s first dearest and Chisato´s 2nd dearest xD (so in a top 3 it would be Chisato 1st version- Airi- Chisato 2nd version….however it´s difficult to compare 2 different singers like them) because i liked Chisato´s 1st version more than her 2nd version…….anyways i would like a current new version….when she sang Dearest she was starting to sing more in the group so she still hadn´t the singing experience which she has now (of course Chisato doesn´t need a high skill level to impress people…she has the title of the best raw singer xD)

      For the rest…ummm i haven´t listened Sakura´s dearest (not full xD) so i can´t say nothing about her…..but i specially liked Linlin´s version

  8. well, this is sort of different, but recently I happened to watch “Kono Machi” from C-ute’s Budokan concert clip where they sang with Chisato Moritaka and Mortaka’s singing style is very similar to Miki Fujimoto’s! The way she finishes her phrases and enunciate vowels is really a dead ringer. I’d always thought Mikitty sang like a enka singer, but she must have copied Moritaka’s style. Am I the only one who sees this?

    Anyway since Chissa’s main H!P influence is Mikitty and Mikitty sings like Moritaka, it’s strange Chissa sounds completely different from the elder Chisato (and Mikitty).

    I am aware that Chissa said her vocal influence were Misato Watanabe and Boy-san (not sure who this “Boy” is…a Japanese female group?) in youngtown back in 2011. Chissa definitely has that oldie vibrato going on. In that sense, Chissa sounds closer to Ayumi Hamasaki (another one with exaggerated oldie vibrato) than Moritaka, in comparison.

      • Yes it´s BOOWY, a old rock band xD.

        I really don´t know too much about Chisato Moritaka…i´ve listened her 3 or 4 times in my life maybe xD

        I think she (Chisato and Mikitty) sounds different because Chisato found her own style….i remember she imitate Mikitty style in the past but little by little she found her own style. Also as you said her vocal influence covers more artist

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