About Okai Chisato

Okai Chisato (岡井千聖, 1994/06/21, Saitama) is a japanese idol, singer and actress under Hello!Project (Up Front Agency). She is member of the group ℃-ute (pronounced “kyuuto”). Her image color is the green (since late 2009)

Okai Chisato


2002/06/30, Chisato was chosen as member of Hello!Project Kids

(1:07 → Chisato´s audition song was Country Road)

2005/06/11, ℃-ute was formed. 1 year later they made their official debut

2007/09/12, Chisato, with Niigaki Risa, Nakajima Saki and Mitsui Aika were chosen to form a new unit called “Athena & Robikerottsu”. They released 2 singles for this anime

2011/01/25~26, Chisato´s 1st solo live was held

During her 1st Solo Live


-During an event (2005), official nicknames were announced. Chisato´s one was “Chippe“…..At the present time, “Chippe” is outdated and she prefers “Chissa” or “Okai Chan“. Ocassionally, Nakky and other members call her “Oka-san“, (Chisato doesn´t like it)

-She calls herself Chisato, sometimes “atashi” (I). The origin of her name (千聖) comes from Virgin Mary´s name (聖母マリア)

-She is  ℃-ute´s mood-maker

-Her sister, Okai Asuna, was member of H!P egg. She left without announcement from the agency, at the present time she is learning to play guitar

Okai Asuna, Chisato´s siter

-She has 2 little sisters (Asuna and Mion) and 2 little brothers (Tsubasa and Rimu (born in 2013)). her mother´s name is Hitomi and her father´s name is Ken


-Her favourite senpai is Fujimoto Miki

-Her rival is Suzuki Airi (2008, she said during her 1st solo event)

-She likes dogs, she has 2 at home, Pine (died in 2013) and Lipstick. She also has turtles

She recently bought a new dog. The name is Hauru (Howl) (2014/05)

New family member (2014/05)

New family member (2014/05)

Chisato and her dogs

-2010/11/09, her dance cover of Dance de bakoon was uploaded. In less than 48 hours, the video got 100.000 views. Soon, in january, the video reached 1.000.000 of views. Chisato´s MV solo versions´s views increased until the point of becoming 1st in almost all MVs, showing good results of her Youtube promotion

-Her favourite C-ute´s song is “shiawase no tochuu” (from Chisato´s recent blog updates)

-Rcently, she cut her hair again (2012), Chisato´s old hair style returned

-Her H!P´s oshimen is Miyabi, 2nd is Fukumura Mizuki (blog updates)


-C-ute (2005- )
– H!P All Star (2004)
-Fujimoto Miki with Hagiwara Mai and Okai Chisato (2006, 1 song)
-Athena & Robikerottsu (2007-2008)
-Little gatas (2004-2007)
-Gatas Brilhantes (2007-2012) (2012- )
-Tanpopo # (2009- )
– Mobekimasu (2011- 2013)
-MobekisuJ (2013-)
-Team Okai (odotte mita)
-Mellow Quad (Satoumi´s unit)
-Triplet (Satoyama´s unit)
-Okappi (Comedian Sawayaka and Chisato, they sang Omoide goal)


Activity as C-ute´s member is not included:


– Okai Chisato(℃-ute)Solo Live 2011 Vol.1〜Kaisha de odotte mita〜(2011/1/25・26, Pacific heaven, Fan-Club limited)
– Okai Chisato(℃-ute)Solo Live 2011 Vol.2〜Hanzoumon de odotte mita!!〜(2011/2/13・14, WinPa)

• SOLO CD (Limited sale)

– Romantic Ukare Mode(UP FRONT WALKS) (c/w: LOVE Namida iro)


– 1st Solo Event (2008/06)
– 2nd Solo Event (2008/08)
– 3rd Solo Event (2009/05)
– 4th Solo Event (2009/11)
– 5th Solo Event (2010/04)
– 6th Solo event (2011/06)
– 7th Solo Event (2012/06)
-8th Solo Event, 3 days including her birthday (2013/06)
-20th birthday solo event (2014/06)
-1st solo Bus tour (2015/06/20-21)


– Chisato & Airi´s collaboration event (2011)
– Chisato & Maasa Berikyuu´s collaboration (2012)
– Special de Bakoon! (as Berikyuu) (2012)
-Naruchika (with S/mileage) (2013)
-Chisato and Airi´s event (2015)


-LOVE namida iro
-Egao ni namida ~Thank you dear my friend~
-Manatsu no kousen
-Romantic Ukare Mode

• TV

-Tokusou Shirei! Aichi★Police (Ended, 2011)
-Suugaku Joshi Gakuen (2012)
-Tsuri Roman wo motomete (several appearances)
-Gogo Smile (2013-2014) Semi Regular
-Haraichi no kami app (2014-) Regular

She also appeared in TV shows like Hello Morning, Berikyuu, Bijo Gaku, Yorosen, Hello Pro TIME, Hello satoyama Life, The girls Live,….

She has been appearing on several TV programs like God tongue, banana juku,…


-Koinu da no monogatari(2002/12/14)
-Hotaru no hoshi(2004/6/5 – 2005/3)
-Ousama game

She has a little role on Gomen Nasai (starring Buono)

Okai Chisato with “Dan”


– 34 choume no kiseki ~Here´s love~ (2004/11/27 – 12/28)
-Gekiharo (2nd, 4th, 6th, 11th)
– 1974 (Ikunayo) (2011/12/14-18)
– Stronger (2012/03/14-20)
– Sakura no hanataba (2013)


-16th H!P video chat (2005)
Okai Chan, Neru
Odotte mita series
– Pokemoni Live Chat Photo, with Chinami (2012)

• PV

-Hontou no jibun (Buono)

Chisato, Hontou no jibun


– Chissa (1st Solo DVD) 2010
– 1st Solo Live DVD Live in Heaven 2011
– 2nd Solo Live DVD Dancing at Hanzoumon 2011
– IMP.GIRL (2nd solo DVD) 2011


– Chisato (2010/12/24)


Crescent Moon Smiling Face

When Chisato smiles, her eyes usually take the shape of crecent Moon.

Chisato´s smile is one of the most charming smiles in H!P.


The way she takes the micro while singing is similar to Reina, Junjun and Maki Goto´s way.

Extending the little finger on the micro

—From Okai Shounen to Okai Girl—

Chisato has never had a big interest in too girly´s things, like fashion…..keeping her genki´s soul she is more feminine now.

Growing her hair

She still has a shounen´s heart though ^^ but she “is able to” wear skirt and dress now xD


They have been together from Kid´s times. It´s a strong combi.

Here both of them laughing…specially Chisato

Special mention to MomoChisa, another funny combi

—Little Chissa—

A good point for her cuteness is her height. She is the smallest C-ute´s member and, with Momo and Captain they are the smallest Berikyuu´s members

Chicchai yo


All started with monomane of her favourite senpai, Mikitty…with the time Chissa has found her own style/way of singing

Outstanding talent and charming voice

It is said that she has the best vibrato of H!P, she practiced it listening Watanabe Misato san


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  2. Chisato & Maasa Berikyuu´s collaboration (2012)

    I never heard of this collaboration. It’s always a great moment when the both are together. Do you know if there is a video of this collaboration and where i can find it ?
    Thanks for the answer and thanks for your great site.

  3. i always watch her videos before i sleep . . . That makes me sleep well . . . Her smile was so sweet ^_^

    • Well, i can’t know, but Mai, Maimi and Nkakky have Cats eye, Airi has Buono…it seems that only Chissa is free…but maybe she is doing another work or she has tests or exams (if not it ´s not sense that she isn´t in Gekiharo)….but you know how is UFA giving works and promotion xD

  4. hmm . . . . I missed a lots of info about chissaa. Hey, does she have a boyfriend ? Ha ha ha (im not serious , just kidding) .

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