Okai Chan, Neru!

“Okai Chan, Neru!” (岡井ちゃん、寝る!) is Okai Chisato´s Ustream show


The show is broadcasted on Ustream and the main personality is Okai Chisato from C-ute.

The title makes reference to the Chisato lateness feature, oversleeping Chissa. Title in english would be “Okai Chan Sleeps”, in Japanese it sounds like “Okai Channel”….^^
The show contains talks and songs. Sometimes special guest comes, the location changes every show, including outside locations. Broadcast time is about 1 hour

Shuhei Miyachi (Up front works and Up front walks) is responsible of design, production and distribution.

There is a Twitter account for this show, Tag is #okaichansleep

Show´s list:



It was the 1st show,

1st half: Shel talks about FIFA World Cup
2nd half:  Q&A corner + songs
Guest: No


1st outside location.

1st half:  She talks in the park
2nd half: Momoko appears, talk + songs
Guest: Tsugunaga Momoko


Last 1st season´s episode

1st half: Guitar lessons with Junko san from Buono.
2nd half: Buono! appears. talk and song
Guest: Junko and Buono!


Chisato´s 1st PB and DVD was announced. DVD shooting.

There are more but i couldn´t find all the videos



Talk + songs with Nakajima Saki. They talked about Okai odotte mita´s videos and PB + DVD details

Guest: nakajima Saki


Chisato´s 1st PB and DVD ustream special Q&A corner and song

Twitter account was opened



Chisato and Momoko´s talk




Chisato´s dance “wktk take a chance” with H!P trainee and S/mileage 2nd gen and little talk


Ustream Okai Chan Neru
Okai Chan Sleeps Twitter account
Okai Chisato Twitter
Shuhei Miyachi Twitter


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