Odotte Mita

Chisato likes challenges, so she started this “Odotte Mita”´s series.

Unexpectedly, this promotion made Chisato the most popular member a that time. She surpassed some huge walls after the 1st try of serious promotion, then more promotion came

Dance de Bakoon!

Ooki na Ai de Motenashite


Massara Blue Jeans

Love Namida Iro (utatte mita)

Yume Miru 15

Here they stopped, but Chisato´s influence was huge, Youtube´s MV´s views increased for example, KMA has even reached 2.000.000 of views because this, also:

Kiss Me Aishiteru was extra footage of her 2nd Solo LIve
Momoiro Sparkling´s Odotte Mita was broadcasted in TV (Tsuntsube. from 19:00 in the video below)

She has appeared at Dream Creator

She appeared at Mainichi Shinbun → LINK

1 year later, they uploaded a new work:

Junjou Fighter

Wakuteka Take a Chance (team Okai)

Brain Storming (Team Okai)

So this was important, probably the first key for C-ute´s current success (getting more fans and so on)

11/28: new dances, promoting DARS



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