4 comments on “Oshima Mai´s blog (Okai Chisato), Banana School

  1. I know it’s not a variety talk-show, but perhaps Chissa should try to appear – well we know it’s not really up to her or even her manager, but her agency on which job she gets – on shows like “the Karaoke Battle (TV Tokyo)”. You know, I mentioned this show maybe a week ago when I was writing about a singer (Minami Kizuki) I liked.

    The competition quality will be totally different than the idol karaoke show she was on, so Chissa will probably rank near bottom than top, but I’ve seen a few worse singers than Chissa appear on a couple of episodes I saw on youtube. Like MM OGs (Niigaki, Asami, Yasuda). 😛 And it can’t really hurt her by appearing since she is not going to win and nobody expect her to win: she doesn’t have much to lose and only to gain.

    BTW, Minami Kizuki was not your liking? 🙂 Not the idol girl, but non-idol singer with excellent skills. You don’t have to like her vocal, of course. But if you haven’t watched it, I think I posted it a week ago.

    • Of course it would be a nice challenge for her.Maybe if the agency works harder to give the girls more TV works, peiople should know about their voices (i mean best singers like Chisato, Airi and so on). Chisato would be too nervous maybe xD And if she wins in a singing contest her self confidence will be higher (her main problem is her self confidence after all)

      ah sorry i´m very special with the voices, some of the girls you showed me were really good but i need to feel something to like a singing voice xD and that is more difficult. (i can say if a singer is good or not more or less (xD) but the most important for me is the feeling i have after listening a singer)

  2. Una oshimen es aquella que eliges apoyar sin importar que, no necesariamente la que más te gusta (aunque rara vez es así) pero si a la que animas incondicionalmente…
    me ha llamado la atención Miki… pero jamás he conocido una chica igual a Chissa… ella es única.

    • Ya, he visto gente que apoya a una chica sin ser su favorita, pero para mi es 90% lo mismo y por eso uso esa palabra, simplemente apoyo a la que mas me gusta y admiro xD luego hay varias palabras a parte de oshimen para decidir en que lugar apoyas a una y tal, pero no me fijo mucho en ese vocabulario la verdad xD en realidad da igual.

      A ver que tal lo hacen las nuevas chicas ^^

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